We offer complete solutions for your productions.

…starting from  voice recording to the completely produced  radio, TV, cinema or advertising spot. Moving images, filmed sequences, soundtracks, sound design, language, editing, mastering… also in Surround 5.1.

• shooting

• pre-production

• post production

• animation and graphic editing

• voice recordings, texts

• soundtrack, sound design, mixdown and mastering

• formatting, encoding and master data for broadcast, TV, cinema and web

• individual storyboards and concepts (if requested)


ADVERTISING SPOTS FOR TV AND CINEMA • IMAGE FILM • ONLINE VIDEOS • PRODUCT PRESENTATION • WEBINARS Our service for commercial or image film productions  focus on the individual needs of each customer.


SOUNDDESIGN • MIX • MASTERING • VOICE RECORDINGS • AUDIO PLAYS • TELEPHONE ANNOUNCEMENTS We make sure that the film material comes into the cut with the best possible sound.In this area are specified different requirements for radio, TV or cinema. In this area are specified different requirements for radio, TV or cinema.


Creation of firm style, different complexity design, design for brochures, booklets, calendars, covers, posters, business cards, label and package design, website design.


Do you need content  and daily posts for your social media accounts? 
Send us your material like homemade videos, pictures or graphics and a short description of your needs.
We will take care of it.

Our offers indicate production costs and implementation on a detailed basis. We think it does not have to be complicated and expensive.

Get in touch with us, we will be happy to talk about your requirements and ideas.